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  • Fumie Kakinuma was born in Tokyo - Japan in 1934.         
  • She graduated from a university in psyhology and after study in photography of a reportage have been for two years in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1964 she started on study for France in Paris, and find up a travail the laboratoy of development of film for professional during three years.
  • 1967 she has start a painting. (design)
  • 1972 she has an exhibition in Spezia, Montemarcello, there is antiqueir keep an ambassadress.
  • 1974-79 she has exhibition in city of Spezia and in city of Carrara.
  • 1980 she has axhibition in city of Brescia.
  • 2000 she has a contest painting by city of Volterra.
  • She got of prize for painting city of Voltera.
  • 2000 She has exhibition Bad-Honnef Germany ( little Van Gogh ).
  • She goes on painting by creation.
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Fumie Kakinuma with her husband sculptor Carlo Sergio Signori
(click here to see Signori web site )


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